HIIG-MedMAP Overview

HIIG Accident & Health is pleased to offer HIIG MedMAP to our clients to help manage catastrophic claims and control costs.

Premature infants, organ transplants, cancers, heart disease and chronic kidney disease are the most costly stop loss claims presented for reimbursement. HIIG MedMAP, offered through HIIG Accident & Health, provides solutions from knowledgeable teams of care management professionals to help you manage the care and costs associated with these and other major illnesses.

HIIG MedMAP offers convenient access to best in class catastrophic claim management organizations that specialize in:
• Cancer care and oncology management
• High-risk maternity, complex newborns and complex pediatric care
• Organ and bone marrow transplants
• Renal dialysis management
• Specialty pharmacy services

HIIG MedMAP also offers assistance in mitigating claim costs after services have been rendered by providing:
• Claim negotiation, audit and repricing services for in-network and out-of-network claims
• Clinical and bill review services
• Subrogation and overpayment recovery

As a client of HIIG Accident & Health, you have access to this full service suite of managed care and claim service organizations free of charge; at no additional cost. Additionally, you will have access to experienced clinical and claims professionals at HIIG Accident & Health to help you select the right combination of services. The best part is that this service complements, not replaces, your existing medical management program.

All of the managed care and claim service organizations in HIIG MedMAP have been thoroughly reviewed and tested. We continually monitor the quality of their services to ensure that they are achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients. In addition, we consistently seek out new organizations that can enhance the value of HIIG MedMAP by offering programs and services designed to assist our clients with trending claim issues.

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