Medical Stop Loss Insurance

Medical Stop Loss underwriting is a core business function of HIIG Accident & Health, in conjunction with other underwriting services and products. We are approved to write Stop Loss on a national basis.

Medical stop loss is a form of insurance that provides protection against unpredictable or catastrophic losses. An employer group will purchase this coverage to supplement their employee benefit medical plan. Self-funding employee health plans is a good way to provide consistent and customized benefits to your workforce. Employers are able to receive cash flow benefits and improve their bottom line with the right financial controls. Companies rely on medical stop loss insurance when they do not want to assume 100% of the Claim liability.

HIIG Accident & Health Medical Stop Loss Insurance Program Features:

  • Specific & Aggregate Stop-Loss for groups of 50+ lives.
  • Specific Stop-Loss Deductibles starting at $25,000.
  • Standard 12 month contract terms, including incurred & paid and run-in and run-out contract options, and the ability to offer non standard policy periods
  • Unlimited Specific benefit maximums.

Aggregate benefit maximums to $1,000,000 standard, higher available.

Please visit our Insurance Stop Loss page to learn more.

HIIG Accident & Health provides tailored medical stop loss insurance protection that meets your risk objectives, including aggregate stop-loss and specific stop-loss plans.

Specific Stop Loss: Is excess risk coverage that provides protection for employers in the event of a high claim of one individual. This protects against an abnormal severity of a single claim rather than frequent claims.

Aggregate Stop Loss: This form of medical stop loss provides a limit or ceiling on the amount of eligible expenses an employer would pay during a contract period. The insurance carrier reimburses the employer for aggregate claims at the end of the contract period.

HIIG Accident & Health offers a number of variations for each product—most employers will want the protection of both Aggregate and Specific medical stop loss insurance coverage. Occasionally, only specific stop loss will fulfill employer protection needs.

HIIG Accident & Health specializes in working with our partners to offer unique programs and solutions to meet clients’ needs and help employers navigate the ever-changing world of self-funded benefit plans. Don’t hesitate to contact HIIG Accident & Health should you have questions regarding our medical stop loss insurance.

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