Supplemental Health Insurance Underwriting Plans and Coverage

HIIG Accident & Health provides completely customized health underwriting for your business. In conjunction with our A-rated carriers, we deliver unparalleled supplemental health insurance underwriting plans at a reasonable premium.

Timing is not always in our control – which is why a supplemental health insurance underwriting plan ensures that you and your employees are offered optimal coverage in case of an unfortunate event. The opportunity for a supplemental health insurance underwriting plan helps alleviate the financial burden of unexpected illnesses not covered by a regular health plan.

Depending on the lines of coverage, a supplemental health insurance underwriting plan can provide the following:

  • Assisted payment of unexpected, covered illnesses
  • Outpatient care daily cash benefit
  • Benefits if a disability is caused by covered illness
  • Coverage of out-of-network specialists
  • Travel expenses for long-distance treatment
  • Experimental treatment (usually cancer-related)
  • Assistance with the burden of daily expenses (childcare, car payment, grocery and utility bills, etc.)

Our healthcare underwriting professionals construct each individual plan according to your needs. We underwrite each policy carefully as not to enact unnecessary duplicate coverage that may already exist within your regular health insurance underwriting plans.

Healthcare insurance underwriting companies will work with clients to clarify if the monetary distribution will be daily, weekly, or a lump sum. A supplemental health insurance underwriting plan is generally less expensive than a regular healthcare plan. However, you should make sure to only use a supplemental health insurance underwriting plan in combination with some other variety of medical coverage.

The healthcare underwriting staff at HIIG Accident & Health ensures that all policies are easy to understand, stable, and affordable. We will review the policy thoroughly with our clients before any papers are signed. All benefits are paid to the policyholder in cash to be used in his or her good judgment.

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